Sometime in the autumn of 1974, a small group of Unilever (Then East Africa Industries Ltd {EAI}) factory workers whirled away their mid-morning break over a cup of tea. They mulled over their life challenges mostly revolving around personal financial needs. Yet at that time of the month they wouldn’t access any salary advance from the HR department and their money lender wouldn’t consider them for a second loan until the first one was repaid. They were concerned that they could no longer meet the rising cost of living against ‘flat pay slips’. There were a myriad of bills to be settled and yet end month seemed an eternity. But wait! Someone had an idea. They could form a savings scheme to collect individual savings and advance loans from the pool. And voila! Kimbo Sacco was born!

The objective of the society was to create a vehicle to promote a savings culture among the employees of Unilever and to lend out short term micro loans to the members for personal development, school fees and medical expenses.

The society was registered and lived under the name Kimbo Sacco until October 2003 when we acquired our current name Maisha Bora Sacco after the sale of Kimbo brand by Unilever. This development further created an opportunity for the Sacco to broaden the common bond to accommodate members outside our traditional bond of Unilever and Research International. The change of name also reflected the diversity in our membership further leveraging the strategic direction to grow the Sacco.

Over the years the society has grown from strength to strength to become a commercially autonomous, democratically controlled and self-reliant business enterprise. This is due to the support received from our members and other stakeholders at large. Currently, our asset base stands at 4.7 billion; our loan portfolio is 3.01 billion. The assets are supported by member deposits of 3.6 billion, share capital of 301 million and other liabilities. The Sacco has also experienced growth is staff numbers and professional experience.

Maisha Bora Sacco has achieved key milestones as under:-

• Acquired SASRA licence in 2012
• Attained a 3 billion loan book in 2021
• Attained a 3 billion balance sheet in 2021
• Attained double digit dividend/interest payout for over the last 5 years
• Implemented a core ICT platform
• Pride to have the highest Sacco saver in Nairobi County
• Being able to accommodate alternative loan collateral e.g. Property besides guarantors

Maisha Bora Sacco has won some prestigious awards in the recent past as under:-

Awards Position
Best managed SACCO - Company/NGO sector 1st Position
Best in education and training services - Company/NGO sector 1st Position
Lowest expenditure SACCO - Company/NGO sector 1st Position
Highest average savings - Company/NGO sector 3rd Position
Best loaning services SACCO – Countrywide 2nd Position

Our Philosophy


To be the preferred financial services provider in the region


"Transforming lives through innovative financial solutions"


To facilitate and support the achievement of the vision and mission, the following values shall guide operations, behavior and building of the organizational culture. In the conduct of its affairs, the Board Members, Employees and other stakeholders of Maisha Bora SACCO shall embrace the following values:

  • Team Work: "We recognize that teamwork is a crucial part of our business as it is necessary for us to work well together. We make deliberate effort to collaboratively work together to achieve our goals. We cooperate and use our individual skills and provide constructive feedback while recognizing our differences as individuals.''
  • Integrity: "We strive to be transparent and accountable in all areas of our operations. We appreciate and reward exemplary services at all times by promoting accountability by encouraging openness and fairness to one another and among all stakeholders."
  • Customer Obsession: " We are obsessed with creating an exceptional customer experience, repeatedly. We will constantly listen to customers, and then continuously test, enhance and personalize the customer experience."
  • Professionalism: "In our effort to enhance professional competence and provide high quality services, we uphold the right skills, competences and behaviors' among our employees. We seek to attract and retain qualified staff as well as provide quality training to our staff to bridge assessed knowledge gaps and consequently increase their competency levels."
  • High performance culture: "Achieving sustainable growth requires commitment from the whole SACCO to build a culture that can adapt to ongoing changes in a competitive environment. We endeavor to identify and act on opportunities for positive change.The SACCO Board and management create a high-performance culture by setting clear expectations, defining employees’ roles, creating a trusting environment, and encouraging employees’ growth and development.



Sacco Management: Board of Directors

Maisha Bora Sacco Society Ltd is governed by the constitution of Kenya; Acts of Parliament and the rules and regulations made therein; the Sacco by-laws and the policies of the Sacco.

The highest decision making organ of the Sacco is the Annual General Meeting (AGM) which elects nine (9) officials from amongst the members to sit in the board as directors and an oversight (Supervisory) Committee of three (3) members. The board is the governing body of the Sacco and includes the Chairman, Vice chairman, Treasurer and Honorary Secretary who are elected by the board from amongst the members of the board. Members of the board hold office for a period of three (3) years with one-third of the board members retiring every year but are eligible for re-election. There is a Nominating Committee to vet and clear the prospective candidates for elections.

The BOD operates through specialized sub-committees responsible for various society activities as under:-

Supervisory Committee
The Supervisory Committee consists of three members who must not be employees of the Society's or serving on the Management Committee or any other Committee of the Society.

The Supervisory Committee is responsible for the Society's compliance and internal control and oversight. It is also responsible for the truth and accuracy of the Society's financial condition, and for making sure that the Society's administrative practices and procedures are adequate to safeguard the members' and the Society's rights and interest.

The supervisory committee counter checks the effectiveness of the society’s internal controls through:-
• Verification of all transactions of the Sacco society
• Writing periodic report to be tabled at board meetings
• Presenting its reports to general meeting

Finance and Administration Committee
FINAD Committee duties are to:-
• Review and make recommendations to the board on the financial plans of the Sacco and ensure their adequacy and soundness in providing for the Sacco Society current operations and long term stability.
• Review, discuss and make recommendations to the board concerning significant financial planning, management and reporting issues of the Sacco society

Credit Committee
The Credit Committee holds such meetings as the business of the Society may reasonably require.
The credit committee’s duties are to:-
• Ensure establishment and review of appropriate credit policy consistent with the relevant provisions of the Regulations and by-laws.
• Ensure that the problem in loan accounts are adequately identified and classified as prescribed in the Regulations.

Education Committee
Education committee duties among others are:
• Review and recommend education programs for members, board members, and the management for approval by the board.
• Monitor implementation of educational programs formulated to ensure that the members and the board are well trained and prepared for the tasks they are entrusted with.

Audit Committee
The audit committee has a duty to:
• Ensure establishment and review of the internal control system.
• Review performance and findings of the internal auditor and recommend remedial actions regularly and at least once in every three months.

Sacco Management Staff

The board recruits the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Sacco who sits in board meetings and also attends general meetings as an ex-officio member.
The Society is run under the leadership of the CEO who works closely with the Senior Management Team.

The following are the current Sacco Senior Management Staff:

  • Ambrose Lugho - Chief Executive Officer.
  • Angela Kemuma -  Finance and Admin Manager.
  • Claire Nasila - Operations Manager
  • Kelvin Saitoti - ICT Manager.
  • John Langat - Credit & Recovery Manager.
  • Stephen Njoroge - Internal Auditor

How to join us

  • Go to and complete the online membership form and submit.
  • Pay the joining fee Kshs 2,000/= & share capital of Kshs 1,000/= using our pay bill number 600110 with your ID number as the account number. You can also deposit funds at the bank or at the FOSA.,


  •  You can fill the hardcopy membership form available at our office and on our website under the downloads menu.
  •   Attach a copy of your ID, a passport photo, a copy of KRA pin certificate and an income record (1 month mpesa statement)
  •   Return the form to our customer care desk and make a deposit of the joining fee of Ksh 2,000/- and minimum share capital of Ksh 1,000/-

Our membership is drawn from the following organizations

  • Unilever Kenya Limited
    •    Ex-Unilever Kenya employees
    •    Employees of other reputable companies
    •    Companies capable of making regular check off contributions
    •    Microfinance groups
    •    Institutions (Schools, Churches, Hospitals, Other Saccos)
    •    SMEs
    •    Individuals
    •    Children and youth
    •    Civil servants
    •    Pensioners

Our membership is drawn from the following organizations:-
• Unilever Kenya Limited
• Ex-Unilever Kenya employees
• Employees of other reputable companies
• Companies capable of making regular check off contributions
• Micro finance groups
• Institutions (Schools, Churches, Hospitals, Other Saccos)
• SMEs
• Individuals
• Children and youth
• Civil servants
• Pensioners

The following are some of our affiliates:-
• Unilever Kenya Limited
• Link soft Communications and Telkoms Ltd
• TNS Research International
• Professional Technologies
• Specon Holdings and Kenya Ltd
• Becton & Dickosn
• Rodent Kill
• Tread Setters Tryes Ltd
• Help Age International
• Consumer Options
• Craft Silicon Company
• Cornerstone Training Institute
• Christian Aid
• Faith Food Company
• Diversay
• Rose of Sharon
• Mellech Engineering
• Spread Marketing
• Kenya Tourism Board
• Salgaa Self Help Group
• Stoic ltd
• Quest Laboratories
• Maisha Bora Sacco Staff
• Ex- Unilever employees

Service Charter

A Service Charter is an agreement or contract between a service provider and receivers or users of the service.

This Charter marks a bold and significant step towards a transparent and accountable approach in delivery of our services to our members as we endeavor to provide high quality services to them. It underlines the importance of our stakeholders by bringing their needs and expectations into perspective.

Our Commitment:

This Customer Service Charter marks an important milestone in Maisha Bora Sacco Society’s commitment to excellence in service delivery. It is a commitment by the Sacco to offer excellent service to all its customers and stakeholders.

Our Obligations:
We shall endeavor to provide our stakeholders with high quality service by:-
• Communicating effectively
• Acting on any feedback relayed and prompt response
• Providing accurate, complete and up-to-date information.
• Having competent and knowledgeable staff as regards our products and services.
• Being polite and courteous

Your responsibilities:
• To be courteous and respectful to our staff.
• To be kind and polite to other customers.
• To attend meetings (AGM & SGM) punctually.
• To always adhere to the Sacco By-laws, rules and regulations.
• To engage us in constructive criticism through the laid down procedures.
• To comply with Kenyan laws in dealing with the Society.
• To provide accurate information and authentic documents during transaction.
• To exercise honesty and integrity in transacting with us.
• Not to offer inducement by way of gifts and favors to Board of Directors or staff, or to solicit the same in return for our services.

Our Promise

When you visit us:
• Attend to you within ten (10) minutes of your visit.
• Treat your concern with confidentiality and privacy.

When you call us on the telephone we shall:
• Answer your call within the 3rd ring
• Be ready and willing to serve
• Let you know who you are speaking to
• Remain polite, courteous and friendly

When you write an e-mail to us we shall:
• Provide an initial response within 12 hours
• Let you know who is dealing with your inquiry
• Remain polite and courteous
• Address the issue to completion within 48 hours i.e. 3 days

When you contact us via social media (Facebook & Twitter) we shall:
• Provide an initial response within 24 hours and follow-up on agreed action
• Remain polite and be courteous

When you order an ATM card or a cheque book from us, we shall:
• Have the ATM card ready for collection within 14 working days
• Have the cheque book ready for collection within 14 working days

When you need information from us we shall:
• Ensure we provide you with accurate, complete and up-to-date information
• Ensure that our website and web-portal are accessible

When you have a complaint about our service, we shall:
• Acknowledge receipt of complaint with an initial response within 12 hours
• Resolve the complaint within 48 hours i.e. 3 working days

We shall provide the following services within 20 minutes
• Account opening
• Cash and cheque deposits
• Over the counter withdrawals
• Issuing of Bankers cheques
• M-Pesa deposits and withdrawals
• ATM cards and cheque book collection
• General inquiries
• ATM card blocking
We shall provide the following services within an hour
• Salary crediting to customer accounts
• Dormant account activation
• Request for personal information change
We shall provide the following services within the same day:
• New member registration
• M-Sacco registration
• Standing order instruction processing
• Internal Money Transfers (Within the Society)
• Pension crediting to customer accounts

We shall provide the following services within two (2) days:
• External Money transfers (to other financial institutions)

Credit Facilities:
Loan / Advance processing and disbursement for various credit facilities shall be as follows:
• Development Loan- 3 days
• Refinance Loan- 3 days
• School fees loan- 2 days
• College fees loan- 2 days
• Special Instant loan- 3 days
• Instant loan- 1 hour
• Emergency loan-1 days
• FOSA Loan- 3 days
We shall refund deposits to exiting members:
• 60 days after giving the notice to withdraw.

Our staff:

The society recognizes its staff as its most valuable resource and will therefore continue to develop and motivate them through:-
• Staff training
• Provision of a conducive working environment
• Continuous performance appraisal
• Efficient handling of personnel matters
• Timely payment of salaries/allowances/benefits

Our Suppliers:
• Suppliers have to be conversant with Public Procurement and Disposal Act, 2005 and the regulations, 2006 and the Maisha Bora Sacco Procurement Policy
• Goods delivered and/or services satisfactorily offered to completion shall be paid within 30 days upon presentation of invoice
• Suppliers should NEVER compromise our staff

The Government:

It is the duty of Maisha Bora Sacco to comply with regulations by all government bodies including; Ministry of Co-operative Development and Marketing (MOCDM), SASRA, KRA e.t.c


General Information:

• Our offices are open from Monday to Friday (Week days) 8.30am to 4.30pm; Last Saturday of the month 9.00am to 12.30 pm 

• We are closed on Weekends, Public & National holidays

To contact us:
Maisha Bora Sacco Society Limited
P. O. Box 72713-00200 Nairobi, Kenya
Tel. +254 709 446 000
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Facebook: Maisha Bora Sacco
Twitter: maishabora_ke