Group Funeral Expense (GFE) is a social welfare fund that was established to accord members and their immediate families a decent send-off upon demise. All members are required to pay kshs.100 every month as GFE. A member is required to list his/her immediate family (spouse, children & biological parents) in the application form prior.


GFE covers up to 7 family members as follows;

Death of a member: Family gets Kshs 125,000

Death of a spouse: Member gets Kshs 45,000/= 

Death of a child: Member gets Kshs 45,000/= per child

Death of a parent: Member gets Kshs 40,000/= per parent


Be advised that in the case of a claim process, below are the requirements needed

1.Duly completed claim form.

2.Copy of ID card for both the deceased and the principal member.

3.Original and stamped burial permit.

4.All Death claims will be reported within six months from the date of death.


If you have not updated your group funeral expense next of kin. Kindly download the update form from our website under downloads. Fill the form and send it back to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Please note only members who have updated their next of kin records with us shall qualify for claims settlement.

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