1. How do I join Maisha Bora Sacco?
  •           Go to and click on the link “JOIN TODAY” on the left upper end of the screen. Complete the online membership form and submit.
  •            Pay the joining fee & share capital using our pay bill number 600110 with your ID number as the account number. You can also deposit funds at the bank or at the FOSA.


  •         You can fill the hardcopy membership form available at our office and on our website under the downloads menu.
  •         Attach a copy of your ID, a passport photo, a copy of KRA pin certificate and an income record (payslip, mpesa statement or bank statement)
  •          Return the form to our customer care desk and make a deposit of the joining fee of Ksh 2,000/- and minimum share capital of Ksh 1,000/- or;
  •       You can scan and send the documents to our email
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2. Is membership open to the general public?
  •         Yes. Maisha Bora Sacco has an open common bond and therefore members of the public are eligible to join. 
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3. When does a member become eligible for a loan?
  •        After saving with us for a minimum period of 3 months.
  •      Upon acquiring a minimum share capital of Ksh 1,000.
  •         The waiting period has been waived for members transferring directly from another Sacco and those purchasing pieces of land from Maisha Bora Ventures.
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4. What are the applicable terms for development loans?

  •          You can borrow up to 3 times your deposits.
  •          Interest rate of 1% on the reducing balance.
  •          Repayment period of 72 months.
  •          A member can have more than 1 loan concurrently subject to eligibility. 
  •      Security option: Guarantors' deposit ,Log book or Title deed.
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5. How can I access my loan after disbursement?

  •          Loans disbursed to FOSA can be accessed in cash, Atm or through your Mpesa account.
  •          Bank transfer
  •          Cheque
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6.What is the difference between Share capital and non-withdraw able deposits?
  •         Share capital: The amount representing a member’s portion in the equity of the society as a co-owner.It is not refundable but can be sold to an existing member upon exit. Share capital is not eligible to secure loans or to guarantee. It earns an annual dividend depending on trading results. The minimum share capital issues is kshs 20,000/= while the maximum is kshs 1,000,000/=.
  •          Non-withdrawable deposits: Refundable member deposits used to secure loans and to guarantee. Members are required to make a minimum monthly contribution of Ksh 1,000/- to deposits to maintain their active member status. Deposits earn annual interest depending on trading results.
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7.What’s a FOSA loan?
  •          This is a loan that is not pegged on shares (deposits) but on one’s repayment ability.( The loan has to be fully guaranteed).
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8. Does the Sacco buy bank loans?
  •         Yes. You can apply for the KTN Loan (KaribuTena Nyumbani) which is repayable over 72 months.


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9. Can one clear a loan in full before repayment period is over?
  • Yes, that is allowed and does not attract early clearance charge.
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10. Can I offset my loans from my deposits?

  •         A member is only allowed to offset deposits against loans when s/he ceases to be a member.
  •          Any outstanding loan balance should be cleared immediately.
  •          A member must 1st get other guarantors to replace his guarantees before requesting for offset.
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11. Can I transfer my deposits from another Sacco?
  •          One can transfer his deposits from another Sacco to Maisha Bora Sacco.
  •          A member who transfers directly from another Sacco is immediately eligible to all benefits of a full member. 
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12. Can I continue with my membership as an individual member after leaving the organization I work for?

•   Yes.

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13.What do I need when applying for a loan?

  •           Fully completed loan form.
  •          Qualifying guarantors who must be active members (or collateral).
  •          Most current & certified three months’ pay slips or bank statements.
  •          A copy of ID/passport and KRA PIN Certificate.
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14. How can I access my online statement online?
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15.What is M-Sacco?
  •          M-Sacco is an online service that enables members to transact on their FOSA account via mobile phone, i.e. withdrawals, loan Repayment, mini statement, balance inquiries, borrowing mobile loan, etc. 
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16. How do I register for M-Sacco?
  •          Download M-Sacco registration form from our website under downloads.
  •          Fill the form and send back to  and remember to attach your ID and 6 months m-pesa statement. 

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17. Are my funds safe at Maisha Bora Sacco?
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18. What are the acceptable security options for a loan?
  • Non-withdrawable deposits
  • Fixed deposits
  • Qualifying guarantors
  • Title deeds
  • Logbooks
  • Quoted securities subject to terms & conditions
  • Maisha Bora Ventures shares
  • Title deeds issued by Miasha Bora Ventures
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19. Who is eligible to be a guarantor?

Any active member in good standing is allowed to be a guarantor. A member whose current guarantees do not exceed 3 times of the deposits and is not a defaulter can be a guarantor.

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20. What is (GFE) Group Funeral Expense and what are the benefits of the same?

GFE is a social welfare fund that was established to accord members and their immediate families a decent send-off upon demise. All members are required to pay kshs.100 every month as GFE. A member is required to list his/her immediate family in the application form prior.GFE covers up to 7 family members.

Entitlements are as follows;

When a member dies the family is given Kshs 115,000

Spouse kshs 45,000/=

Children kshs 45,000/=

Parents Kshs 40,000/=

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21. How can I find you?

Our contacts;

Maisha Bora Sacco Society Limited 
Unilever Kenya Ltd, Commercial Street, Industrial Area 
P. O. Box 72713-00200 
Nairobi, Kenya 

Mobile: +254 709 446 000 



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22.How to remit funds to the Sacco
  1. How to remit funds to the Sacco

    1. 1.M-Pesa Paybill number 600110. Use your Member Number as account number i.e 00******


    2a.       Direct deposit / EFT / RTGS



    Co-operative Bank

    Equity Bank

    Bank Branch



    Bank Account Number



    Bank Account Name

    Maisha Bora Sacco Ltd

    Maisha Bora Sacco Ltd

    Bank & branch Code (for local payments only)


    68 (080)

    Bank Swift Code: (for cross border payments only)




    2b.     How to deposit through Equitel and Eazzy banking App 


    1.              Equitel: Equitel Menu>My Money>EazzyPay>Account to pay from>Enter Paybill number as business number>Enter member as Account number


    1.             Eazzy Banking App: Eazzy Banking App >Click on (+) sign> EazzyPay>Enter Paybill (600110)> Enter member number as bill account number


    1. Cheques payable to Maisha Bora Sacco Ltd


    1. All Cooperative and Equity bank agents

    NB: For Equity bank agent POS follow these steps: Third party Deposit> Bill payment> Bill payment> Enter Paybill followed by space then member number i.e. 600110 123456


    1. Check-off - employer to deduct at payroll source and remit funds by a cheque or RTGS  


    1. FOSA - FOSA banking at the Sacco office


    To keep your account updated;


    1. Indicate your member number/phone number on the banking slip/ bank agent slip / bank transfer
    2. Send the banking slip (including for coop/equity agents), bank transfer (PesaLink, S/Order) to:  or Whatsapp to 0708 292247


    How to pay mobile loans

    1. Mcash Loan: To repay your mCASH loan, send funds to Mpesa Paybill number 600110 A/C: 0010****MC (your member number with MC at the end). Do not put space or dot after MC
    2. Instant On mobile: To repay your instant loan, send funds to Mpesa Paybill number 600110 A/C: 0010****INS (your member number with INS at the end). Do not put space or dot after INS
    3. Thibiti Loan: To repay your thibiti loan, send funds to Mpesa Paybill number 600110 A/C: 0010****TBT (your member number with TBT at the end). Do not put space or dot after TBT

    How to pay loan through *346# (USSD)

    1. Dial *346# Insert PIN>Loan Repayment>Loan to pay>Payment method (MPESA or FOSA)>Enter amount. 

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23. How to access mobile loan?

First Register on Msacco and follow these steps to apply for mobile loan:

  • Dial USSD code *346#
  • Enter your Msacco pin number
  • Select Loans (Option 2)
  • Select Request Loan (Option 1)
  • Select which mobile loan you will would like to apply:
  • Enter the amount you want
  • You will receive a notification
  • Once the loan is approved. It will be deposited to your FOSA savings account.
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24. How much (minimum) should I send to savings, benevolent, FOSA

The minimum contribution is kshs 1,100/=. Kshs 100/= caters for the benevolent, kshs 1,000/= savings. You can deposit any amount that you prefer into the FOSA account. 

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25. What is the maximum share capital one can have? Does it earn more dividend than savings?

The Maximum share capital is kshs 1,000,000/=. As per the dividend issued in 2020, share capital earned 15% while savings earned 9.5%.

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26. How does the fixed deposit work? Do I pay a monthly fixed amount? What are the interest rates? When does it mature? Can the funds be rolled over to the next maturity period?

The Fixed (Maisha Investment Plan Account) the funds can be deposited Monthly, You don't have to pay a monthly fixed account or even deposit money every month, As of  right now, the interest rate is at 6%,  For MIP you can give us a 2 week notice before you collect the funds, Without the notice the funds will continue earning interest.

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27.What is a settlement account?

A settlement account is a receiving account that holds the funds awaiting distribution as per account responsibilities.  (loan, shares, deposits)

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28.How can i reactivate my account

You can activate the account by depositing a minimum amount of Kshs 1100 into your shares.

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29.How can I access my dividends?

You can access your Dividend via  M-sacco ( Withdraw the amount to your M-pesa)

  • Steps to follow are :- Dial *346# > Withdraw > Dividend Account.( Maximum limit for withdrawal per day is kshs 50,000/=)
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